Planning a Construction or Renovation Project?

Get guidance from a trusted construction consultant in Manhattan & Joliet, IL

Maybe you've decided to build your dream home, or maybe you're planning to do major renovations on your existing home. Even with detailed plans and a trusted builder, small errors can slip by undetected and lead to big problems after the workmanship warranty expires. That's why it's important to hire a construction consultant.

You can trust Summit Ridge Inspection Group for construction consulting services in the Manhattan & Joliet, IL area. Our consultant can inspect your home during each phase of the project and detect small issues before they become big, complicated problems. Call now to arrange for service.

What is phase construction consulting?

When you hire us for construction consulting services, we'll walk you through the major phases of your project and make recommendations for you and your builder. Phase consulting services typically include:

  • A foundation inspection
  • A rough framing inspection
  • An electrical inspection
  • An HVAC inspection
  • A final whole-home inspection

Please note that we do not provide code enforcement inspections. Instead, our construction consultant is trained to help you find and prevent common issues that occur during the building process. Contact us now to learn more.


You've made the decision to build a brand new home or plan to do major renovations to your existing home. You've chosen the plans, you and the builder are underway........Many times, the whole process can go just right, other times it goes wrong or not completely right. Many issues occur by simple error or circumstances, as most reputable builders do a good job producing a well built and quality finished project. However, sometimes things go unnoticed and you are stuck with trying to figure it out. Some issues show up after the workmanship warranty is over, making them even more difficult to resolve and correct. Hiring our experienced building inspectors to inspect the project at select times and stages can help eliminate common issues before they turn into major problems later on.

What is Phase Construction Consulting?

When you hire us for construction consulting services, we come alongside you at the major stages of the project. We would walk you through the project and make observations and recommendations for you to present to your builder before moving to the next phase.

Typical Phase Consulting consists of the following inspections: Foundation, rough framing, electrical and HVAC before insulation and drywall, then a final inspection, including the entire inside and outside of the project.

Please keep in mind we are not code enforcement inspectors. We are highly trained professional building consultants helping you "see" things that might get overlooked during the different stages of the project, so they don't turn into something bigger later.

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