Radon is a radioactive chemical element which is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. It is produced by the radioactive decay of Uranium found deep in the Earth. This decay process turns into Radon gas which then moves freely through the Earth to the surface via soil, bedrock and even water veins below the Earth's surface. Since Uranium is considered one of the oldest (billions of years) and most common radioactive elements on Earth, Radon and its decay products will be present long into the future. In order to determine whether radon is an issue on your property, you'll need professional radon testing service. Rely on our knowledgeable team for your radon inspection if you're located in the Manhattan, IL area.

Why Is Radon So Bad?

When Radon gas begins to break down and travels to the surface, it produces dangerous decay products. These products have been deemed a serious health hazard when elevated levels are detected in homes, primarily because the decay products become charged particles which are floating in the air and can be easily inhaled. The EPA states that Radon Gas and its decay products ate the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking. Approximately 18,000 lung cancer deaths related to Radon occur in the US every year. The EPA also states that 1 in 15 homes have elevated radon levels above the recommended safety threshold set by the EPA.


Since Radon gas and its decay products are colorless, tasteless, and odorless, it is impossible to know if your home has elevated levels. It is recommended that you have your home tested. This test is conducted by a trained and certified Radon sampling technician using specialized equipment and the knowledge to interpret the results of the testing. The EPA has set an action level in homes at 4.0 pCi/L or higher, meaning a Radon mitigation system needs to be installed. Generally speaking, a Radon Mitigation System is a combination of sealed PVC piping and a low cfm fan. This system creates negative pressure below your home and pulls the radon gas through an exhaust vent pipe to the exterior. Once the system is installed and run 24/7, it lowers the Radon levels inside your home. Contrary to general belief about radon and testing, it is real, and the data exists that this is a vital part of maintaining a safe and healthy living environment.